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︎︎ May 2023 

In Vermont, we are working tirelessly to stock the tool share at our community space. We are also building out the radical Liberation Library on location. Want to get involved! Give us a shout. 

In Oslo, let us know if you want to meet at the Oslo Badstuforening for a sauna and cold plunge experience. 

Though the Covid 19 Global Pandemic upended our ability to offer in-person residency in Vermont, we have spearheaded additional Radical Imagination Projects. We have been incredibly busy during the pandemic, working remotely from our three homebases in NYC, Vermont and Norway. See this space for our latest updates. 

︎︎ September  

1. We continue our deep collaboration with the Northeast Farmer’s of Color Landtrust on the Every Town Project. The primary goal of this project is to place at least one parcel of land in every town in Vermont permanently in trust for stewardship and access for Black, Indigenous, and all People of Color (BIPOC). 

2. We have held a weeklong strategic planning meeting in Oslo, Norway to plan future quarters of work. Please reach out if you’re interested in a collaboration. 

3. Our first Every Town / Radical Imagination Land Aquistion will close on December 1st, 2022. The land we are acquiring houses a space that we shall use as a community center. The building will serve as a community center and gathering space for events and activities including skill shares, youth programming, concerts and performances.

We intend to have the lower level kitchen certified for commercial use so that local farmers and food businesses can use the space to create value added products. Additionally, the space can function as a classroom for teaching fermentation, food preservation, youth empowerment through cooking and food sovereignty programming.

In collaboration with Just Construction -- a group of volunteer carpenters that offer their time to build infrastructure for BIPOC land projects -- we will host building workshops and trainings for all skill levels with a focus on groups traditionally left out of building and construction spaces.

Through the creation of the Liberation Library within the building we will serve community members through book, tool and art supply loans centered around the uniting theme of anti-oppression. The Library will offer space for book groups with the aim of supporting the Every Town Neighbors Network, a statewide mutual aid group of allied community members focused on creating safe space and anti-racist communities.