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         The work we do is a collective effort. Support us by spreading the word and by redistributing resources.

Give Money

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Your gift of:
$39 pays for  one artist meal.

Your gift of:
$5,000 pays for all 126 meals for three residency sessions.


Give Land

There are many ways to redistribute land-based wealth! If you’d like to support Radical Imagination Land Trust with a gift of land, a cultural respect easement, agricultural easement, or bequeathment, please get in touch touch with our Land Trust Sponsor, Northeast Farmer’s of Color.

Give Time

Do you have a resource or skill that Radical Imagination might need? Maybe you’re a photographer who can shoot our events on the land; a land worker who wants to volunteer; a philanthropist who knows just the people to fund our work, a podcaster looking for a great story?

Please get in touch! A different future is possible, we just have to make it.

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