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BIPOC Wilderness Skills

In late September 2020, we hosted the first of many all BIPOC programs. Wilderness skills led by instructor Mujib Khaliq and it was pure joy.

The workshop covered how we can integrate long term wilderness living practices into our daily activity, and how these practices can apply to "wilderness survival situations". Largely focusing on the practices and mentality for being as comfortable as possible in the woods, for as long as necessary.

Additionally, we got into combat foundations and self defense, and discussed conflict de-escalation/avoidance and how they apply to getting through physically aggressive situations, as the later can be even more applicable than fighting most of the time.


Due to Covid-19 we spent the entire weekend outside, practiced safe distancing and wore masks during all instruction that required us to be in closer proximity than 6ft.

Radical Residency 

The Radical Imagination Residency is hosted on the original land of the Abenaki People – 125 acres of Vermont field and forest in the summer months. In honor of our own wellbeing and that of our extended communities, we did not host residents during the Covid-19 pandemic and the residency is still currently on hold. 

In the past we have operated the residency by opening up our studios and gardens to invite BIPOC artists from all over the world to come and share the bounty. We provide three vegetarian meals a day, special guest lectures, and two optional adventures.

Our facilities include a wood shop, ceramics shed, fiber barn and shared indoor and outdoor studio spaces. Hosting artists from various disciplines in our tiny corner of the world has inspired growth and awareness in our home and our community.  We are so thankful to the artists that have shared their work and this space with us thus far. 

Where: Corinth, VT 

Who:  We welcome all BIPOC artists who are working to re-imagine new ways of surviving in the future to apply.

When: currently on-hold

Three 2-week summer sessions

Exchange: Free

The Radical Imagination Residency replaces the Lazuli Residency in Corinth, Vermont. 

If you have interest in becoming a Radical Resident. Please let us know your interest here. We look forward to getting in touch with you!

Land Trust 

In collaboration with the Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust we have created a land sovereignty project for Black, Indigenous and People of Color called Every Town. The project is based on Abenaki land which has been renamed “Vermont” by Colonizers.

In the spirit of reparations and doing what is right and just for Black, Indigenous and People of Color in this exceedingly white space, we are working to secure the land permanently for the descendants of communities that have been forcibly removed from their ancestral land and are now commonly without access to natural spaces.

By obtaining at least one parcel of land in every town in Vermont we will create a rural network of support and community for Black, Indigenous and People of Color. Every Town will ensure that land in Vermont will be held in trust for permanent stewardship and access for Black, Indigenous and People of Color.

Our Comrades include:

Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust

Community Resilience Organizations


The Vermont Land Trust  

Vital Communities


We are committed to skillshare on the land. Stay tuned for a wide variety of in-person and online events, workshops, and trainings running the gamut from foraging and herbalism to self-defense and breathwork.